26-27 Nov 2012 Telemedicine & eHealth 2012 - 3 million and rising: Integrating care, mainstreaming technology
London, by the Royal Society of Medicine
21 Nov 2012 Advances in Healthcare through Digital Consultations and Three Million Lives: What needs to be done?
Warwick / UK, by the Institute of Digital Healthcare
15-16 Nov 2012 MIC-2012, Rentabiliseren van Klinische Data: Hoe kunnen kwalitatieve, goed gestructureerde klinische data bijdragen tot efficiëntere zorgprocessen en een betere zorg?
Antwerpen, by the MIM and the VMBI, Nederlandse vereniging voor informatieverwerking in de zorg
9 Nov 2012 IHE, changing the way healthcare connects
7-9 Nov 2012 17th ISfTeH International Conference : Making eHealth work
Abuja, Nigeria, by the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth
6-7 Nov 2012 EHI LIVE 2012
London, by eHealth Insider
6-7 Nov 2012 Health 2.0 europe
5-6 Nov 2012 eHealth Acceptance Conference 2012
Brussels, European ICT for Health
25-28 Oct 2012 Environment and Public Health : Our reponsibility to Protect
Krakow Poland, by the EPH
19-21 Oct 2012 15th CISP-CLUB Atelier 2012
18 Oct 2012 L'économie de la Télésanté, problématiques actuelles en France
9-12 Oct 2012 Pathology Informatics 2012
27-28 Sept 2012 13th International HL7 Interoperability Conference
27 Sept 2012 IFIP/IMIA Working Conference on Interfacing Bio- and Medical Informatics
during the 22nd World Computer Congress
27 Sept 2012 Jaarlijks EPD-ZORG ICT Congres
Utrecht, by the NVMA, Vereniging voor Zorgadministratie en en Informatie, in Nederland
27 Sept 2012 Usage du contexte en santé : une nouvelle étape dans l'utilisation des informations ?
Paris, by the INSERM
25-28 Sept 2012 17th Annual CyberPsychology & CyberTherapy Conference : Experience the Future of Health & Well-Being
22-23 Sept 2012 NHS Hackday: a weekend event that brings together software developers, doctors, and health care leaders to create disruptive solutions to problems in the health space
20-22 Sept 2012 NEUREL-2012, 11th Sympôsium on Neural Network Applications in Electrical Engineering
Belgrade, Serbia, by IEEE Serbia and Montenegro
19-21 Sept 2012 Identity Services for Government, Healthcare & Business
19-21 Sept 2012 CONFENIS 2012, Enterprise Systems of the Future, Evolving towards more Performance Through Transparency and Agility
Gent, by the IFIP, the university of Gent and the Economische Raad Oost-Vlaanderen
18-19 Sept 2012 AHT-2012, Appropriate Healthcare Technologies,for Developing Countries
12-13 Sept 2012 ICT4HEALTH enabling National Health Insurance
Cape Town
8-9 Sept 2012 URMPM World Congress 2012: " The Human Factor Risk"
London, by the Union of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine
27-31 Aug 2012 ECAI 2012, 20th European Confernece on Artificial Intelligence
27 Aug 2012 NetMed-2012, 1st International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and NetMedicine
26-29 Aug 2012 MIE-2012, Quality of Life through Quality of Information
Pisa, Italy, by the EFMI, European Federation for Medical Informatics
22-25 July 2012 3rd International Conference on Biomedical Ontology
17-19 July 2012 IADIS eHealth 2012,
Lisbon, by IADIS Multiconference on Computer Science and Information Systems
12-14 Jul 2012 10th ICICTH, International Conference on Information Communication Technologies oin Health
Samos Island, by the INEAG
10-11 July 2012 International Workshop on Next Generation Intelligent Medical Decision Support Sysytems
Sofia, Bulgaria
4-6 July 2012 EAHIL-2012, Health Information Without Frontiers
Brussels UCL, by EAHIL, european Association for Health Information and Libraries
26-28 June 2012 pHealth 2012, 9th International Conference on Wearable Micro and Nano Technologies for Personalized Health
Porto, by the AAL, Ambiant Assisted Living
26 June 2012 IC pour l'Interopérabilité Sémantique dans les applications en e-Santé
23-27 June 2012 11th International Congress on Nursing Informatics
18 June 2012 SEMIC-2012, Semantic Interoperability Conference
Brussels, by European Commission JOINUP, Share and reuse open source software, semantic assets and other interoperability solutions for public administrations
15 June 2012
6-9 June 2012 11th European Congress on Telepathology and 5th International Congress on Virtual Microscopy
6-7 June 2012 2012 International Telemedicine Symposium
Brussels, by the UPMC
30 May 2012 Cross-Border Healthcare in Europe
Brussels, by the Centre for Parliamentary Studies
26-27 May 2012 NHS Hack Day, software development day,
23-24 May 2012 World Health Care Congress EUROPE 2012
23-24 May 2012 Doctor 2.0
21-25 May 2012 IHE-Europe Connectathon
8 May 2012 NVKVV 16de Colloquium ICT en Gezondheidszorg
Affligem, by the Nationaal Verbond van Katholieke Vlaamse Verpleegkundigen en Vroedvrouwen
7-9 May 2012 eHealth Week
22-23 Apr 2012 3th OpenClinica Global Conference
Boston, by OpenClinica
18-20 Apr 2012 MEDETEL-2012
18-21 Apr 2012 STC 2012 EFMI Special Topic Conference : Large Scale Projects in eHealth
Moscow, by the EFMI and the Russian Association for Medical Informatics
16-18 Apr 2012 9th World Healthcare Congress
Washington DC
13 Apr 2012 Congres Zorgdomotica
Woerden, by Bohn, Stafleu & van Loghum,
6-7 Apr 2012 MEI-2012, Medical Education Informatics
3 Apr 2012 Workshop PlaIR, Plateforme d'indexation Régionale
Rouen, Université de Rouen et AIM, Association Française d'Informatique Médicale
29 Mar 2012 Télésanté-2012
Videoconference in France, by the CATEL
26-30 Mar 2012 Course in Health risk assessment I: Principles and applications
21-23 Mar 2012 Semaine du document numérique et de la recherche d'information
12-14 Mar 2012 Belgium Testing Days
Brussels, by IE-NET
12 Mar 2012 Intelligence artificielle et traitement automatique des langues se retrouvent
Paris, by AFIA - ATALA and AIM, Association Française d'Informatique Médicale
8 Mar 2012 Gegevens-Informatie Uitwisseling in de Zorg,
Amstelveen, by the NVMA, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Zorgadministratie en Informatie,
6-8 Mar 2012 International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare 2012
London, by the King's Fund
1-2 Mar 2012 Media Tablets & Apps for Medicine, Health and Home-Care
Milano, by the EFMI WG PPD and the university of Milan
2-5 Feb 2012 UPCP-2012,Up Close and Personamized, International Congress on Personalized Medicine
Florence, Italy
11-12 Jan 2012 5th International Workshop on e-Health in Emerging Economies
Granada, Spain