10 Dec 2008 ICD-10 en LZI Stuurinformatie voor Ziekenhuizen
Amstelveen, by the NVMA
27 Nov 2008 Business Intelligence in de Zorg
Amstelveen, by the NVMA
25-27 Nov 2008 ICT-2008, Information and Communation Technologies
Lyon, Europe's Information Society
24-25 Nov 2008 TeleMed and eHealth 2008
London, by the Royal Society of Medicine
21 Nov 2008 Annual SIZ Meeting at the heart of ICU
Brussels, by Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
18 Nov 2008 e-Health Congress
Brussels, by the TMAB and AGORIA
11-13 Nov 2008 B6, Open Access Conference
8-12 Nov 2008 AMIA Annual Symposium
Washington DC
7 Nov 2008 E-Health-Interop
3-6 Nov 2008 World of Health IT 2008
3 Nov 2008 EUROREC-2008, eHealth Planning and Management Symposium : Change management for introducing clinical process orientation and archetypes across the community
23-26 Oct 2008 Advances in eHealth and Telemedicine
19-23 Oct 2008 APIII-2008, Pathology Informatics & Diagnostic Imaging
Pittsburg /Pensilvenia, by the Advancing Practice, Instruction & Innovation through Informatics
19-22 Oct 2008 ISQua-2008 : Healthcare Quality and Safety, Meeting the next Challenges
17-19 Oct 2008 Atelier du CISP-Club
15-18 Oct 2008 MEDNET-2008, 13th World Congress on the Internet in Medicine
16 Oct 2008 Security Day
Antwerpen, by the TI-KVIV, Informatie Technologie & Toegepste Wiskunde van de Koninklijke Vlaamse IngenieursVereniging
8-11 Oct 2008 HL7 Interoperability Conference 2008
8-10 Oct 2008

Brussels Expo, see also the announcement folder
5-7 Oct 2008 Telehealth - Télésanté 2008, Convergence to care: Patients, Providers and Technology
Ottawa, by the Canadian Society of Telehealth - Société Canadienne de Télésanté and the ISfTeH, International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth
1-4 Oct 2008 11th European Health Forum Gastein
Bad Hofgastein/Austria
24 Sept 2008 EOLE, European Open Source Lawers Event
19 Sept 2008 Psychiatrie & Informatique
Dave, by SIXI
17 Sept 2008 19:00 h Software Usability Testing
Antwerp, by the KVIV, Technologisch Instituut van de Koninklijk Vlaamse Ingenieursvereniging
9-11 Sept 2008 Open Source and Healthcare in Europe, Time for Leading Edge Ideas,
London, by EFMI and IMIA as a Secial Topic Conference
9 Sept 2008, 18:30 Het BurgerServiceNummer (BSN) als basis voor de communicatie via het landelijk Shakelpunt (LSP)
Utrecht, by the VMBI
8-9 Sept 2008 eHealth-2008, Electronic healthcare for the 21th century
4-7 Sept 2008 WONCA EUROPE 2008
4-5 Sept 2008 Medicine 2.0 Conference: Web 2.0 in Health and Medicine
Toronto, by the JMIR, Journal of Medical Internet Research
28 Aug 2008 Security and Identity Management Standards in eHealth including biometric
22 aug 2008 Detailed Introduction into RDF and the Semantic Web
Gent, by the W3C Benelux in the 4th Search&Find Workshop Program
18-20 Aug 2008 20th International Conference of Society for Medical Innovation and Technology
21-24 July 2008 SIWN-2008 -Bioinformatics and Systems Biology,
Glasgow, Semantic Web
13 July - 8 Aug 2008 Making the eHealth Connection
Bellagio / Italy, by the Rokefeller Foundation
14-17 July 2008 Web 3.0 for healthcare at SWWS'08, International Conference on Semantic Web and Web Services
Las Vegas /USA
10-12 July 2008 eGeH'08, e-GOVERNMENT & e-HEALTH and Advanced course on Epidemiological, Clinical and Genomic Data Bases Statistical Software for Data Analysis on Biomedicine
Desio/Milan, Polo Technologico Universitario Desio and ITIM, Instituto Internazionale di Telemedicina
7-12 July 2008 e-Governement and e-Health, Epidemiological, Clinical and Genomic DataBases, Statistical Software for Data Analysis in Biomedicine
Desio/Milan, by the IITM International Institute of Telemedicine and the PTUD, Polo Technologico Universitario Desio
7-11 July 2008 ECOOP-2008, European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
1-5 July 2008 RMLL-2008, including a session on healthcare in Free Open Source Software
Mont de Marsan
1-2 July 2008 Sharing and Caring
Chesford Grange Warwichshire UK, by the PHCSG, Primary Health Care Specialist Group, of the BCS, Britisch Computer Society
26-27 June 2008 Mobility for All - The Use of Ambient Intelligence in Adressing the Mobility Needs of People with Impairments,
26 June 2008 5th EuroAfrica-ICT Concertation Meeting
Brussels, by EuroAfrica-ICT
25-28 June 2008 CARS-2008, Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery,
25-28 June 2008 Healthcare Systems Ergonomics and Patient Safety 2008
Strasbourg, by IEA, International Ergonomics Association.
24 June 2008 Télésanté : quels impacts sur les organisations ? Comment y répondre ? Jusqu'où ?
Nantes, by the CATEL
18-20 June 2008 Journées Francophones d'Ingénierie des Connaissances,
Nancy, by the INRIA of Nancy
17-19 June 2008 IEEE CBMS 2008, 21st International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems
Jyväskylä / Finland
16-20 June 2008 NBC-2008, 14th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics
Riga /Latvia
14 June 2008 De Aansprakelijkheid - La responsabilité
Brussels, VBS-GBS
12 June 2008
19:00 h
People with "AutismeSpectrumStoornis" as idealSoftware Testers
Antwerp, by the KVIV, Technologisch Instituut van de Koninklijk Vlaamse Ingenieursvereniging
12 June 2008 Over de grenzen van het EPD: mijlpalen, barrières, voetangels, communicatie en knelpunten
Amsterdam, by the NVMA
12 June 2008 TELEMED-2008
12 June 2008 Mutualisation, interopérabilité et logiciel libre dans le système de santé et de protection sociale
Paris, by Edisanté
9-13 June 2008 Traitement automatique des langues
9-11 June 2008 ICMCC 2008 : Patient Empowerment - The Power of Information
29-31 May 2008 AMIA Spring Congress
Phoenix /Arizona
26-28 May 2008 MIE-2008
27-30 May 2008 HIT-2008, Health Information Technologies,
24 May 2008 Le Point sur l'Informatique Médicale
Manage, Club Médical Interhospitalier du Hainaut
22 May 2008
e-Care & e-Diabetes
Affligem, by ProRec-BE
22 May 2008
ICT en gezondheidszorg, Solutions for Care 4
Affligem, by the NVKVV
21-23 May 2008 pHealth, International Worlshop on Wearable Mycro and Nanosystems for Personalised Health
Valencia / Spain
21-22 May 2008 pHealth, International Workshop on Wearable Micro and Nanosystems for personalized Health
Valencia / Spain
17-21 May 2008 TEPR-2008: A New Health IT Era: Open Source Technologies
Fort Lauderdale/US, by the MRI.
15-17 May 2008 9th European Congress on Telepathology and 3rd International Congress on Virtual Microscopy
Toledo /Spain
6-8 May 2008 eHealth 2008 Conference
Slovenia, by European Commission, Information Society
29 Apr 2008 Global Health: Current Issues, Future Trends and Foreign Policy
London, by the Royal College of Physicians
22 Apr 2008 MIM Annual Meeting and Conference : No fault and medical informatics ?
Beersel/Huizingen, 18:00 General Assembly (for the MIM members) and 19:00-21:00 h conference,
21-23 Apr 2008 HC-2008
16-18 Apr 2008 Med-e-Tel 2008
16 Apr 2008 eHealth: Caring through sharing
Heverlee, by IBBT
3-4 Apr 2008 Système d'Information Hospitalier et Epidémiologie
Saint Malo, by the AIM, Association Française d'Informatique Médicale
27 Mar 2008 LMR: Medische Registratie, Doorgaan en Vernieuwen,
Amsterdam 12:15 - 16:30, by the NVMA
24-26 Mar 2008 PROTéGé-OWL Short Course,
18-21 Mar 2008 International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, with a session on informatics in the afternoon of 20 March,
10-12 Mar 2008 Summit on Translational Bioinformatics
San Francisco, by the AMIA
10-12 Mar 2008 World Health Care Congress EUROPE 2008
5 Mar 2008 Enabling better care through sustainable satellite-based Telemedicine Solutions,
24-28 Feb 2008 HIMSS-2008
23-24 Feb 2008 FOSDEM'08, Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting,
15 Feb 2008 ICT Basics for non tecnical professionals
Brussels, by the TMAB
5 Feb 2008 Interopérabilité dans le système de santé et de protection sociale,
Paris, by Edisanté et PROREC France
30 Jan-1 Feb 2008 Pervasive Health 2008
Tampere / Findland
28-31 Jan 2008 HEALTHINFF 2008, International Coference on Health Informatics
Funchal, Madeira, by INSTICC and the University of Madeira