10 Dec 2009 Informatie beveiliging beoordeeld
Amstelveen, by the NVMA
8 Dec 2009 La Loi Hopital, Patients, Sante et territoires : des leviers pour le developpement de la telesante en France
Paris, by the CATEL
3 Dec 2009 L'autonomie du patient confronté aux balises légales du début à la fin de la vie
Brussels, Collège de Belgique
28 Nov 2009 eHealth Congress
Brussels, by the TMAB
26-27 Nov 2009 by the VMBI in collaboration with NICTIZ, NVMA, MIM and VVZI.
26 Nov 2009 eHealth Congress
Brussels, by the TMAB
21-25 Nov 2009 CoMHI, Collaborative Meetings on Health Informatics
19 Nov 2009 Op weg naar de ICD 10
Amstelveen, by the NVMA
13 Nov 2009 TelemedMeeting 2009
13 Nov 2009 Open Data and the Semantic Web
London, by the Open Knowledge Foundation
9-10 Nov 2009 Health Insider Live '09
21-23 Oct 2009 eChallenges 2009
21-22 Oct 2009 EHTEL Anniversary Symposium : Joining for Visions of Person Centered Health
Brussels, by the EHTEL.
12-14 Oct 2009 MI&E'09, Medical Informatics and Engineering
Mragowo /Poland, by the Polish Information Processing Society
11-14 Oct 2009 ISQua-2009
Dublin, by the International Society for Healthcare
9-11 Oct 2009 Atelier du CISP Club
8 Oct 2009 Kwaliteit van ICT in de Zorg
Amsteveen, by the NVMA
30 Sept - 3 Oct 2009 12th European Health Forum Gastein : Creating a better future for health in Europe, Financial Crisis and Health Policy
Gastein / Austria
1 Oct 2009 EuroAfriCa-ICT
Brussels, by the European Commission DG INFSO.
30 Sept 2009 Digital World Forum : To Connect the Unconnected
26 Sept 2009 Wetenschapsdag - Huisarts en continuiteit in de zorg
Gent, by Domus Medica
24-25 Sept 2009 PSIP-2009, Patient Safety Intelligent Procedures
Belgirate, Lago Maggiore, Italy
24-25 Sept 2009 BCDI, CIB W098, International Workshop on Intelligence in Assisted Homes
Brugge, by the BCDI.
23-25 Sept 2009 eHealth-2009, Electronic Healthcare for the 21st century
Istanbul, by ICST Innovation Society, City University London and Create-Net
21 Sept - 20 Dec 2009 Second Virtual Congress of general Practice and Family Medicine
on internet, organized by the Virtual General Practice and Family Medicine Working Group of the Portuguese Association of General Practitioners
21-24 Sept 2009 14 th ISfTeH Conference
Moscow, by the ISfTeH
18 Sept 2009 SIHI--2009 : Patient engagement through innovation
16-19 Sept 2009 16th Annual WONCA Europe Conference
Basel, by the European member of the WONCA, World Organization of Family Doctors
11 Sept 2009 Medicatieveiligheid & ICT
Niewegein, Nederland, by the NICTIZ
9-10 Sept 2009 ICMCC Annual Conference
Munich, by the International council on medical & care compu,etics
8-10 Sept 2009 Course on Principles of Health Interoperability HL7 and SNOMED
8 Sept 2009 Low Cost Information Access Devices in Fostering Social and Economic Development
Brussels, by the Digital World Forum.
7-12 Sept 2009 Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2009, including a track by the ICMCC, International Council on Medical & Care Compunetics,
3-4 Aug 2009 IEEE CBMS 2009, Computer Based Medical Systems
Albuquerque USA
18-22 Jul 2009 AIME'09, 12th Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Verona /Italy,
IDAMAP Workshop,
16-24 Jul 2009 Ecole d'Eté Méditerranéenne d'Information en Santé
Corte /Corse,
7-8 Jul 2009 RMLL, 10th Libre Software Meeting: sessions on Accessibilité et Handicap et Santé,
29 June - 1 July 2009 Patient Safety - who cares ?
Chestford Grange Warwickshire, by the Primary Health Care Specialist Group of the BCS Health Informatics Forum
28 June - 1 July 2009 NI2009, International Congress on Nursing Informatics
25 June 2009 Cursus Introductie IHE, HL7 en DICOM
24-26 June 2009 pHealth-2009, Wearable Micro and Nano Technologies for Personalized Health
24 June 2009 Ordermanagement en zorgpaden
Arnhem, by the NVMA
18-19 June 2009 Infrastructures for Healthcare: Connecting practices across institutional and professional boundaries,
18 June 2009, 17:00 h eHealth conference
Meux, by Infopole
18 June 2009 PROREC annual syposium and General Assembly
17 June 2009 Overcoming the challenges to e-Health
Brussels, by Linklaters
12-14 June 2009 9th WONCA Rural Health World Conference: Technology suitable for rural settings, Island medicine, Health services for immigrants.
4 June 2009 Télésanté-2009 : vers l'age de raison, éthique, déontologique, juridique, économique,
Visionconférence based in France, by the Catel
28-30 May 2009 AMIA Spring Congress
Orlando, by the AMIA, American Medical Informatics Association.
28 May 2009 EPD Congres
Amsterdam, by the NVMA
28 May 2009, 18:00 MIM General Assembly and conference on Personal Health Record
Brussels, annual meeting at 18:00 h and conference at 18:45 h
25-29 May 2009 IC-2009, 20mes Journées Francophone d'Ingeniérie des Connaissances
Hammamet, by the AIM
15 May 2009 Congrès SIXI-2009
13-14 May 2009 5th World Health Care Congress, Europe 2009: Innovations in Patient Centred Care, New Technology Development and Advanced Care Management to Develop Sustainable Health Health Care Models
12 May 2009 13th Colloquium Automatisering en Zorgverlening
Affligem, by the NVKVV
7-10 May 2009 Data Analysis of Electronic Patient Record Data Bases in General Practice
Bertinoro / Italy, by the EGPRN, European general Practice Research Network
28-30 Apr 2009 JFIM 2009, Journée Francophones d'Informatique Médicale
Nice, by the AIM
28-30 Apr 2009 HC2009
Harrogate, UK
23 Apr 2009 Congres ABC van de DBC DOT 2010, Diagnose Behandeling Combinaties,
Amstelveen, by the NVMA
16-18 Apr 2009 HELINA-2009, 6me Congrès Africain d'Informatique Médicale
Abidjan / Cote d'Ivoire
14-16 Apr 2009 6th World Healthcare Congress
Washington DC
1-3 Apr 2009 Medetel-2009
24-27 Mar 2009 29th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
Brussels, by Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
25 Mar 2009 Ma santé dans un monde informatisé - Mijn gezondheid in een digitale wereld
Brussels, by the Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics.
25-26 Mar 2009 1st Euro-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research
Brussels, by the European Commission and the African Union Commission.
28 Mar 2009 OKCon-2009, Open Knowledge Conference
18-20 Mar 2009 RITS-2009, Journées de Recherche en Imagerie et Technologies de la Santé
19 Mar 2009 AFEDI - Dossier infirmier informatisé: reflet d'un projet de soin individualisé
Namur, by SIXI, Soins infirmiers & Informatique
20 Feb 2009 Pôle Mère-enfant et informatique
Gosselies, by SIXI
10-11 Feb 2009 EENA-112 Conference
Brussels, by the EENA.
1-6 Feb 2009 eTELEMED-2009
Cancun, Mexico, by ISfTeH, International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth.
5 Feb 2009 La communication et la confidentialité des données de santé : le point sur la question
5-6 Feb 2009 TIC, Qualité de vie, qualité de soins
Visioconférence basée à Nimes et Paris, by Formatic Santé.
7 Feb 2009 eHealth
Brussels, by GBS-VBS.
1-5 Feb 2009 TEPR-2009 Conference and Exhibition
Palm Springs /California, by the Medical Record Institute
19-22 Jan 2009 MMVR17 : NextMed : Design for/the Well Being
Long Beach, California
19-21 Jan 2009 ICAART 2009, International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence
16-17 Jan 2009 Autonomic Computing, human identity and legal subjectivity
Brussels, by the VUB
14-17 Jan 2009 HEALTHINF-2009 - BIOSTEC-2009, International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies
including Biodevices-2009, Biosignals-2009, MIAD-2009 Medical Image analysis and description for Diognosis Systems, AMMD-2009 Active Materials for Medical Devices, MobiHealthInf-2009 Mobilizing Health Information to support Healthcare realated Knowledge Work , and Open source in European Healthcare,