15 Dec 2006 Congrès SIXI : DI-RHM (RIM-II) et l'informatique
Mons, by SIXI, Soins infirmiers et informatique
10-12 Dec 2006 Information Processing in the Service of Mankind and Health
Cairo, by IEEE
7-8 Dec 2006 Telematics@health.be, Registration
Brussels ( Montagne de la Cour-Hofberg, 2 ) , by the Ministry of Health
30 Nov 2006 5de Landelijk Codeursdag / Nederland
Amstelveen, by the NVMA
29 Nov 2006 ECNIS, Workshop on Biomarkers and Biomonitoring
Luxemburg, by ECNIS
21 Nov 2006 Leden vergadering en conferentie on HL7
Utrecht 18:15 h, by the VMBI, Vereniging van Informatieverwerking in de Zorg
21 Nov 2006 Topics in Information Management
Brussels 17:00 h, by the FBVI-FAIB, Federatie van Belgische Verenigingen voor Informatica - Fédération d'Associations Informatique de Belgique (the MIM is a member of the Federation)
11-15 Nov 2006 AMIA 2006 : Biomedical and Health Informlatics
Washington, by the American Medical Informatics Association
30-31 Oct 2006 IPM-2006, Internet et Pédagogie Médicale
Tunis, by the UMVF, Université Médicale Virtuelle Francophone
25 Oct 2006 5th Autumn Forum : focus on how health and social care organization can increase efficiency through sharing information, conference and exhibition,
Birmingham, BJHC
20 Oct 2006 Les transmissions ciblées pour un suivi de qualité
Gosselies 12:30-16:30, by SIXI, Soins infirmiers et informatique
19 Oct 2006 e-Health Congress
Brussels, by the TMAB and Agoria
13-20 Oct 2006 MEDNET-2006, 11th World Congress on Internet in Medicine
Toronto, by the Society for Internet in Medicine
13-15 Oct 2006 Atelier du CISP-Club
11-14 Oct 2006 The 22nd Patient Classification Systems International Conference
10-13 Oct 2006 The World of Health IT
Geneva, by Eurorec
3 Oct 2006 Le Logiciel libre et son Utilisation dans le secteur de la Santé
1-3 Oct 2006 European Conference on SNOMED-CT : Semantic Mining
28 Sept 2006 ISEPHR, International Symposium on Electronic Personal Health Record
Trondheim / Norway, by the HELSIT
28 Sept 2006 Dossier Médical Personnel, Dossier Médical d'Etablissement, Dossier Médical de Réseau... D'un dossier à l'autre !
Amiens, by the CATEL
21-22 Sept 2006 Assises françaises des Réseaux de Cancérologie
18-21 Sept 2006 EuroOSCON-2006, Open Source Covention
Brussels, by O'Reilly
19-22 Sept 2006 Smart university
Sophia Antipolis / France
9-14 Sept 2006 Improving Social Accountability in Education, Research and Service Delivery
Gent, by the Network Towards Unity For Health
10-14 Sept 2006 GMDS-2006,
31 Aug - 1 Sept 2006 6th Nordic Conference on eHealth and Telemedicine : From Tools to Services
28 Aug - 1 Sept 2006 Fourth Workshop on Agents Applied in Health Care in conjunction with the 17h ECAI, European Conference on Artificial Intelligence,
Riva del Garda / Italy
13-15 July 2006 4th ICICTH Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Health
Samos Island in Grece
4 - 8 July 2006 RMLL-LSM, Libre Software Meeting
29 June - 2 July 2006 13th WorldVista Community Meeting, medical software in open-source
Pittsburg / USA
28 June 2006 Interopérabilité : L'enjeu clef du système d'information de santé et de protection sociale
26-29 June 2006 ICPS'06 : IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Services
29 June : Health Pervasive Systems
22-23 June 2006 Assay Development and High-throughput Screening
San Francisco, by the Global Technology Community, LLC.
22-23 June 2006 19th IEEE, CBMS-2006 : special track The use of Open Source Software and Open Document Formats in Health and Medical Systems
Salt Lake City, by the IEEE
21 June 2006 Record management Conventie
den Haag
15-17 June 2006 EuroPACS-2006, PACS in redesigning healthcare
15-20 June 2006 ePrescribing & Medication Management
Ljubljana, by ETHEL
11-14 June 2006 3rd European Semantic Web Conference 2006
7-9 June 2006 ICMCC-2006, International Council on Medical & Care Compunetics
den Haag, by the ICMCC
1 June 2006 11e EPD Symposium
Amterdam, by the NVMA
20-24 May 2006 TEPR'06
24 May 2006 Healthcare IT applications and medical errors
Lille, by the EVALAB
22-24 May 2006 Human Factors & Medical Informatics
Lille, by the EVALAB , IMIA and EFMI workshop
22-23 May 2006 Information Society : Governance, Ethics and Social Consequences
Namur, by the FUN and the IFIP
20-24 May 2006 TEPR'06, 22th Annual Conference and Exhibition
Baltimore, by the MedRec Institute
16-18 May 2006 2006 AMIA Spring Congress
Phoenix /Arizona
11 May 2006 Telecare 2006
10 May 2006 ICT en Gezindhzidszorg
Affligem, NVKVV
7-10 May 2006 11th Annual Meeting & Exposition of the American Telemedicine Association
San Diego
4 May 2006 MIM annual meeting
Conference on tele-education

18:30 h, Brussels
27-29 Apr 2006 Secure e-Health, Managing Risk of Patient Data
Dijon, IMIA WG 4 working conference
27 Apr 2006 e-Nursing
Mons, by SIXI, Soins Infirmiers et Informatique
23-27 Apr 2006 ACM Special Interest Group on Applied Computing : Special Track on Computer Applications in Healthcare
20-22 Apr 2006 ARES-2006, The First International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security
18-20 Apr 2006 AINA-2006, the IEEE 20 th international Conference on advanced Information Networking and Applications
10-12 Apr 2006 Open Source and Sustainability 2006
Oxford, by OSS Watch
6-8 Apr 2006 EFMI Special Topic Conference & ROMEDINF : From Cell to e-Patient
Workshop on Foundations of Clinical Terminologies and Classifications
20-22 Mar 2006 HC2006 : Health Informatics Making the Difference
Harrogate /UK
14-17 Mar 2006 MEDEC
8 Mar 2006 Plate-formes de Santé Régionales
Nancy, by HERMES, Mutualisation des Réseaux en Santé
2 Mar 2006 Mobile Television and Interactivity
Brussels, by the Belgian Broadband Platform
2 Mar 2006 Identificatie, Legitimatie, Verificatie, Validatie en "BSN", Burger-Service-Nummer
Amsterdam 12:00 - 17:00, bye the NVMA
25-26 Feb 2006 FOSDEM-2006, Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting
15 Feb 2006 eHealth and eInclusion workshop
12-18 Feb 2006 HIMSS'06
San Diego
6-7 Feb 2006 Putting EHR standards to work - implementing the e-Health Society
The Hague
24-27 Jan 2006 Medicine meets Virtual Reality
24 Jan 2006 13me Rencontres INRIA - Industrie
Rocquencourt /France
19 Jan 2006 Journée Interrégionale de Télésanté,
Paris, Lyon, Vannes, Québec, Madrid, Boston, by the CATEL