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Dr. Filip Veldeman, chairman

The Belgian Society for Medical Informatics ("MIM") was established in 1974 to promote and develop medical information science and technology in Belgium. It is a national bilingual (French and Dutch) society consisting of about 300 members, all involved or interested in the use of computers and telematics in the health-care environment. The administrative board includes 15 members (physicians, engineers and computer specialists) from academic institutions, hospitals, government and the software industry.

The MIM is a scientific society. Its major activities focus on improving communication among researchers and developers in the field of medical computing and telematics. It is also the place of choice where problems related to the role of medical informatics in society and its ethical aspects are discussed.

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DEBAT 2015

Allen op één lijn voor de patiënt!

Tous alignés dans l'intérêt du patient!

Gastsprekers: Ap. Lieven Zwaenepoel (Vitalink), Dr. Nadine Carette (InterMed), Marc Buckens (Recipe), Dr. OLivier Lequenne (Vision de l'hôpital), Johan Uvin (Praktijkcoach)

9 juni 2015 - 19u00
FOD Volksgezondheid

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Access to yearbook

The Yearbook is a selection of the best papers in medical informatics. As in the previous years,  the MIM members will continue to receive free access to the book, as a service included in the membership fee.

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Participation for individuals is 60€, 30€ for students and retired members. Companies may also register and send 3 delegates for a participation of 200€. Your application will be proposed at the next meeting of the board.

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